bodybuilding_with_scoliosis_APECSEveryone wants to have perfect body. Bodybuilding is often seen as one step closer to this goal. But if you have scoliosis, the question appears: “Can I do bodybuilding with scoliosis?”

The short answer: You can, with a permission from your doctor.

The long answer:  You should be aware that scoliosis means that your posture is asymmetrical: some muscles are weaker/stronger on one side compared to the other. Bodybuilding could put additional stress on these groups of muscles. The stronger muscles would try to compensate, and that could further increase your curve.

In order to avoid this, a training program should be developed with the doctor and a trainer. For instance, weak muscles should be strengthened in order to keep the posture away from risks. The trainer is there to make sure you keep your body safe and you do your exercises correctly.

You should regularly monitor your posture and different muscle groups. In addition to your doctor, you can use specialized apps like APECS to help you with regular posture evaluations and detecting muscle imbalances.

Of course, you may not feel any particular pain, or your muscles may build quite an impressive form without any obvious changes in your spine. But that doesn’t mean that the spine and the whole posture is not affected. You muscles and improved well being could just mask it for some time.

So overall, yes, you can do bodybuilding. But under approval and guidance of a doctor, with proper training, and with regular monitoring of your posture.