APECS posture research lumbar spine pathologies rehabilitation - Rios Peralta 2

The stomatognathic system is incredibly complex and has a global influence on the body, including the posture – as, for instance, it influences the center of gravity. Considering this, Katterine Nery Ríos Peralta examined the relationship between the stomatohnathic system and posture, in particular lumbar spine pathologies. The study involved 40 patients and 20 sessions at the rehabilitation department of the Armed Forces Central Hospital of Paraguay.

Dr. Ríos Peralta is a kinesiologist at the Armed Forces Central Hospital (Paraguay) and a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana Paraguay and the Universidad Del Norte in Paraguay.

Dr. Ríos Peralta summarized: “The difference in averages of biomechanical changes in the anterior plane was observed with the average improvement of 0.9 ° in the experimental group vs. at -0.2 ° in the control group in the posterior plane, an improvement in changes of 1.3 in the experimental group vs. 0.2 in the control group. In the right lateral and left lateral plane, the changes presented an increase in the angle after treatment, which means that the difference of the before and after averages yielded negative data for the right lateral plane of -0.81 ° for the experimental group and – 1.41 control group. Pain significantly improved in both groups.

Full article with methodology, results and conclusions, was published in Revista Científica Estudios E Investigaciones and is available in open access at: https://doi.org/10.26885/rcei.9.1.74