Precise and rapid postural evaluations – in your palm!

Full Posture Analysis

Full-height analysis from all sides: front, back, right & left sides, bend test, specialized head-neck-shoulder analysis, and facial symmetry tests.

Custom Evaluations

Create your own postural evaluation protocols using the Master Mode. Trace vertical & horizontal deviations, and draw custom angles on any photo.

Anywhere, anytime

You just need a smartphone. Perform evaluations on-distance, as well as access and share generated results. Enhance your client-professional relationship!


You have full control over your results. All photos and reports are kept ONLY on your device, you control where PDF reports are saved, and how you share them.

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Posture Assesment

Full detailed assessment including front posture, back posture, left and right sides.

Neck & Shoulder tests

Rapidly evaluate postural symmetry for greater accuracy of the results.

Facial Symmetry

Analyze facial symmetry for insights into your wellness and aesthetics goals.

Results Explained

Receive interpretation of the results, including outline of potential issues.

PDF Customization

Customize the report form with your logos, content, and contact information.

Automatic Detection

Use auto-detection of markers or do a manual positioning following the guide.

Trunk Symmetry

Access specialized anterior or posterior trunk symmetry evaluations (ATSI, POTSI).

Bend Test

Perform the bend test assessment in a matter of seconds.

Daily Tips & Exercise

Receive daily tips on how to improve and maintain good posture.

Export the Results

Save results in JPEG/PDF for future sharing and progress tracking.

How to use APECS?

Step 1

Take a Photo

Step 2

Position the Markers

Step 3

Get the Results!