AI Posture Evaluation and Correction System

Have a back pain or work on perfect posture?

APECS provides you with easy and rapid posture tracking to reach your goals

Easy posture tracking to reach your goals!

Posture Assesment

Full detailed assessment including front posture, back posture, left and right sides.

Posture Symetry Test

Rapidly evaluate postural symmetry for greater accuracy of the results.

Results Explained

Receive interpretation of the results, including outline of potential issues.

Form Customization

Customize the report form with your logos, content, and contact information.

Bend Test

Perform the bend test assessment in a matter of seconds.

Daily Tips

Receive daily tips on how to improve and maintain good posture.

Export the Results

Save results in JPEG/PDF for future sharing and progress tracking.

How to use APECS?

Step 1

Take a Photo

Step 2

Position the Markers

Step 3

Get the Results!